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Women often put their personal health needs last and focus instead on caring for everyone else. I created Elizabeth Rose Women’s Wellness (ERWW) because I believe women deserve better when it comes to their healthcare and I want you to get the most value out of your visit. I offer flexible appointment times to include evenings and Saturdays because I know women have full schedules. I also offer extended appointment times (45-60 minutes) so visits are not rushed, allowing more information and education about your health to be shared in one visit.

I am located inside Rising Sun Holistic Choices, where a wide variety of healing options are available.  ERWW embraces a holistic approach to healthcare, especially when it comes to addressing hormonal concerns, and provides women with a unique opportunity to optimize their overall health and wellbeing.  I value education, inspiration, and empowerment…because when we know better, we do better!


To provide a more personalized healthcare experience, I do not bill insurance for my consultations. This allow me to see a low volume of patients and to be able to invest more time and energy into each individual person I see!  Payment for services is expected at time of the visit.



Call or Text (330) 617-5785

Reminder...Elizabeth Rose Women's Wellness does not bill insurance for provider services.



Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones

Do you have concerns about your hormonal health?  Are you struggling to understand the reasons for your symptoms?  Have you been looking for a comprehensive hormone test you can easily take in the comfort of your own home.  Elizabeth Rose Women's Wellness and DUTCH testing can help you get a better understanding of your hormonal health and the steps you can take to feel your best again!

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